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                                                      Georgia FFY 2024 RFP
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Preliminary 2021 Georgia Data

Grant Manual Volume 1
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Application Training Workshop Slides


Only those agencies, groups and organizations who had a representative attend one of the application training workshops are eligible to apply for a FY2024 highway safety grant.  The training videos are posted to help workshop attendees when they are writing their application.  Applicants who have questions or need assistance are asked to contact GOHS Deputy Director Jimmy Sumner at 404-656-6996.






Q: When is the FY2024 application deadline?
A: The deadline to apply in the Grants Management System is 11:59pm on Monday, February 28, 2023.

Q: I am reviewing and printing out the paperwork for the submission to the Mayor and City Council for the FFY 2024 grant.  All of the documentation within the proposed/pending grant states FFY 2024, with the exception of the actual GOHS Grant Application Grant, Terms, Conditions and Certification cover page.  Can this be changed and re-uploaded.  I can foresee question, concerns if the Mayor and Council are deliberating on FFY 2024, but presented with a document that says 2023.

A: As of right now those are our Grant Terms and Conditions.  Often during the year, we receive updated information from NHTSA and will update if needed.  If there are no updates from NHTSA between now and October 1, the cover page will be changed to FFY2024 and the grantees will be notified.

Q: Is the funding $375,000 plus our indirects/overhead?
A: According to the Request for Proposal (RFP), the total application budget amount can’t go over $375,000.

Q: Does your jurisdiction receive any other federal funds from other sources? Is that also just for this project?
A: Other federal funds will include funds the entire governmental entity receives such as all federal funds for road projects, water department, etc.

Q: For the Program Assessment Chart, what type of contact data is being requested for the other offenses? Is this requesting data on just written citations?
A: This chart should include all citations issued for each offense requested. If there were 300 speed citations issued during the 2019 calendar year, then 300 should be listed in that text box.

Q: Is construction for connecting a pedestrian trail to a sidewalk an approved project?  The current pedestrian trail doesn’t connect to the sidewalk, which forces people to cross the highway to access the sidewalk or vice versa. We have several other options as well, related to the improvement of crosswalks, i.e. lighting, fencing, permanent message boards, etc.

A: The federal funds we receive are not designated for roadway improvements. Our funds are for enforcement and education of highway safety issues.  It sounds like the program you are interested in would be more DOT focused.
Q: Our agency submitted a “letter of support” for a grantee last year and although we still support them and will write a letter in support again this year, is our agency allowed to submit an application as well?

A: Yes, as long as the agency attended the Request for Proposal workshop, you are allowed to submit an application.

Q: How are officers listed in the Resource Requirements section for enforcement grants?

A: Officers/Deputies should be listed in the Resource Requirement section as resources used to carry out enforcement hours listed in the grant.