Whether it is the main source of transportation or a great way for relaxation, many motorcyclists love the feel of the open road. However, riding a motorcycle does have its dangers as the motorcyclists are more likely to be involved in a serious or fatality crash than those who ride in passenger vehicles. Anyone operating a motorcycle on a road in Georgia must have a Class M motorcycle license from the Georgia Department of Driver Services. The Georgia Department of Driver Services has a Motorcycle Safety Program that must be completed before a Class M Motorcycle Driver’s License will be issued. The state of Georgia also requires all motorcycle operators and riders to wear a helmet.

Other threats to motorcycle safety are the drivers of passenger vehicles. Many crashes involving motorcycles involve drivers who do not give motorcycles the legal right of way by turning in front of them, changing lanes or pulling out from an intersection. Vehicle drivers are reminded to look twice to save a life before turning, changing lanes, or entering a roadway.