The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) has young drivers’ programs for both high school students in the Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) program and college students in the Young Adult (YA) program.

One marquee event that unites both programs every two years is the Youth and Young Adult Conference. Each conference, students come from all over Georgia to meet with each other in workshops and networking events to further discuss how to save young drivers’ lives on Georgia roads and increase awareness of teen and young adult driver safety issues. The 2020 super hero-themed conference was a smashing success after being held at Calloway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA on February 15 and 16. The next conference will be held in 2022.

There is also a Young Adult Driver Task Team (YADTT) comprised of several key agencies and organizations in Georgia committed to reducing young adult morbidity and mortality due to motor vehicle crashes. GOHS, in partnership with the Department of Driver Services, Trauma, EMS, AAA, The Department of Public Health, the Department of Transportation and Shepherd Center, subscribe to the ultimate goal of vision zero. With an emphasis on evidence-based programming, this task team recognizes the increased risk of death and injury young drivers face. It also strives to communicate effectively with the population it seeks to protect by using social media and mass media campaigns. Its objectives are as follows:

  • Change teen norms around texting, and other forms of distracted driving using peer programs, and positive social norm campaigns such as Teens in the Driver’s Seat, Cinema Drive, AutoCoach and SADD.
  • Improve data available for analyzing young driver crashes and eventually evaluating the effectiveness of occupant protection, injury prevention and driver education programs
  • Increase parental involvement and increase compliance on GDL
  • Social media outreach

For more information on either of our young driver programs, click the hyperlinks above or use the following contact information:

Katie Fallon
Grant Manager, SADD and Young Adult Driver
Governor’s Office of Highway Safety
7 MLK Jr. SW, Suite 643
Atlanta, GA. 30334
404-463-0611 (desk) | 404-309-7591 (Cell)

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