Using a phone to make a call, send a text or email or use the internet is often most associated with distracted driving. Distracted driving is anything that takes the driver’s focus away from the road. There are three types of things that distract a person while driving. Visual distractions include using a phone or looking at signs and other things that may be seen along the road. Manual distractions involve anything that requires a driver to take their hand off the wheel, such as picking up something in the console, eating or drinking a non-alcoholic beverage. Cognitive distractions involve anything that takes the driver’s mental focus on the road such as daydreaming or thinking about a personal or work problem or issue. The use of phones behind the wheel remains the predominant form of distraction in Georgia and is responsible for a majority of traffic crashes in the state and nation. The rising number of traffic deaths is one reason why the state of Georgia enacted a “Hands-free” law in July of 2018. Georgia’s hands-free law prohibits drivers from using a phone in their hand or supported by their body when on the road, this includes vehicles that are stopped on a road at a traffic signal or stop sign. Drivers using a hands-free device can talk on their phone and watch the screen for navigational purposes. For more information on distracted driving, please go to