Seat belts, car seats, and booster seats are types of Occupant Protection since all of the devices restrain persons traveling in passnger vehicles. All of the safety features designed for automobiles are work best when the occupant is a properly using a restraint system such as seat belt for adults. and older children and child safety seats for smaller children and infants. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that seat belts save thousands of lives each year, almost half of those persons killed in passenger vehicle crashes are not properly restrained. Unrestrained passenger vehicle occupants are four times likely to be killed in a traffic crash compared to those who are restrained and rural countines in Georgia have a higher percentage of unrestrained passenger vehicle fatalities compared to the metro Atlanta and other major cities in the state. Georgia law requires all persons riding in the front seat to wear a seat, children under eight years of age to ride in the recommended child safety or booster seat for their age, and children between the ages of 8-15 are required to wear a seat belt in the front or back seat of a vehicle.