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System Components


The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is the agency responsible for crash reporting. The Georgia Electronic Accident Reporting System (GEARS) is developed and maintained by LexisNexis. GEARS serves as a portal into the State of Georgia’s repository for traffic crash reports completed by Georgia law enforcement agencies. All crashes are gathered into a single statewide database; however, the methods of input vary. Crashes are entered electronically through the State user interface, transmitted via third party vendors, or submitted via paper reports. Currently, approximately 95% of the state’s crash reports are transmitted electronically.


The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is the agency responsible for collecting and maintaining the roadway information system for the State. GDOT maintains approximately 18,000 miles of state-owned highways and ramps. This mileage represents roughly 14.8% of the 121,500 miles of public roads in Georgia. Roadway and traffic data elements are maintained within a statewide linear referencing system (LRS) using Esri’s Roads and Highways software to integrate data from multiple linear referencing system networks to get a comprehensive view of Georgia roadways. Through this system, GDOT maintains data on all 121,500 miles of public road and enables linkages between road, traffic data, crash, and other databases.


The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) has the custodial responsibility for the driver data system. The driver system maintains commercially licensed driver data as well as critical information including driver’s personal information, license type and endorsements, including all issuance dates, status, conviction history, and driver training. The State’s driver data system receives input from process flow documents from other data systems, including the reporting of citations from the Georgia Electronic Citation Processing System (GECPS).

Citation & Adjudication

The State of Georgia has a non-unified court system where local courts are autonomous. These courts account for most traffic adjudications within the State. As a result, courts use Case Management Software that is proprietary and, for the most part, is not interoperable with other courts in the State. However, through the Georgia Electronic Conviction Processing System (GECEPS) at the Division of Driver Services, Georgia courts can securely and accurately transmit conviction data electronically to the