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H.E.A.T. Puts the Brakes on Aggressive Traffic

The Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and local law enforcement agencies have come together to create H.E.A.T — Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic — to combat impaired and aggressive drivers. For more information about the HEAT program, use this site to find contact information for your local team or call Roger Hayes at 404-971-0379.

Why Do We Have H.E.A.T.?

  • The Problem: Aggressive traffic (a term that includes speeding and impaired driving) is one of the leading causes of crashes that result in serious injuries and fatalities on the roadways of Georgia.
  • The Solution: H.E.A.T.  is a multi-jurisdictional task force specifically-designed to combat aggressive traffic across Georgia.

The program began when three officers from six counties and the cities of College Park and Atlanta came together to form a team of 24 officers. Since then, the H.E.A.T. team has continued to grow on a monthly basis.

How Does H.E.A.T. Work?

  • H.E.A.T. Goals
    -Reduce the number of impaired driving crashes in Georgia by 10%.
    -Enforce laws targeting aggressive driving around Georgia.
  • H.E.A.T. is designed to educate the public and enforce laws related to impaired and aggressive driving. Each officer is armed with materials to educate Georgia residents about state laws that regulate aggressive and impaired driving. Education and enforcement must go hand-in-hand for the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and its statewide partners to be successful in reducing the number of crashes, fatalities and injuries on our highways.

H.E.A.T. teams are out and about patrolling Georgia’s roadways to keep you safe from aggressive and impaired drivers. Formed out of many different jurisdictional agencies across the state, the H.E.A.T. teams are an elite force of law enforcement agents dedicated to the motoring public of Georgia.