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The Georgia Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (TRCC) is a multimodal group of agencies and stakeholders that work to improve the collection, management, and analysis of Georgia traffic safety data.

The mission of Georgia’s TRCC is to provide a forum for agencies involved in highway safety to communicate with each other and develop a joint approach to improving highway safety data. The specific objective is to evolve an overall traffic records system that is an integration of current stand-alone systems into a coherent whole—one that produces complete, accurate, and timely reports for each type of traffic record and that fully supports the identification, parameterization, and mitigation of highway safety problems of any nature.

Georgia’s TRCC is comprised of two committees — the Technical Committee and the Executive Committee. Both committees are comprised of a multidisciplinary membership that includes data owners, operators, collectors and users of traffic records and public health and injury control data systems, highway safety, highway infrastructure, law enforcement and adjudication officials, emergency medical services, injury control, driver licensing, and motor carrier agencies and organizations. Together, the two tiers of Georgia’s TRCC are responsible for developing strategies, coordinating implementation, and tracking progress of programs and projects detailed in the TRCC’s strategic plan.