Georgia Driver's Education Commission


The mission of the Georgia Driver’s Education Commission is to maximize participation in driver’s education and training to reduce motor vehicle accidents by making driver’s training accessible and affordable to all Georgians.

Georgia Driver’s Education Grant Scholarship Program

Information for Students/Parents:

Beginning in January of 2017, the Georgia Driver’s Education Commission will begin a new scholarship program in which students may apply for a driver’s education grant scholarship. The student will apply for the scholarship directly from the Commission through an online application. Upon award of the scholarship, students will be provided with a redemption code and may choose a provider from a list of authorized driver training schools to redeem the grant scholarship. The driver training school will redeem the grant scholarship through an online portal. Once the student has completed the driver’s education course, the provider will upload a copy of the OCRA certificate to the online portal and request reimbursement for the driver’s education course.  Due to IT infrastructure delays, the student application will be available on March 1, 2017. Please check this website for updates as information will posted as soon as it becomes available, including a link to the student application.

Information for Driver Training Schools:

Driver training schools may apply to become an authorized provider at any time. There is no deadline to apply. Please see the documents below for more information.

Driver Training School Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is my vendor number that is requested on the Vendor Management Form?

A: Your driver training school’s vendor number will assigned when your paperwork is processed. Leave this field blank.

Q: If my driver training school employees 10 or fewer employees, do I still have to complete the E-Verify Affidavit?

A:  Businesses with 10 or fewer employees are required to sign an affidavit attesting that they are exempt from this requirement and present an approved state issued identification card. The affidavit may be viewed here. The approved state issued identification card list may be viewed here:


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