Hands Across the Border


Police From 5 States Partner With Georgia to Combat Impaired Driving

During the annual Hands Across the Border campaign, Georgia law enforcement meets their counterparts in communities near the Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida state lines to conduct road checks. In the past, the campaign has had a history of catching not only drunk drivers, but drug offenders, fugitives, drivers with outstanding warrants, unlicensed and uninsured drivers and those transporting improperly restrained child passengers.

For six days leading up to Labor Day weekend, police, sheriff’s deputies and state troopers throughout Georgia rendezvous in communities near the state line to set up checkpoints and catch impaired drivers entering and leaving Georgia. They also gather with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety at state welcome centers for media interviews and the traditional handshake to signify their partnership in the campaign. Georgia’s peace officers will be launching this high-visibility enforcement campaign to put a serious dent in the number of impaired drivers Georgia sees at the end of the summer.

“So many people see Labor Day as the unofficial end of summer and want to hit the road before fall rolls around,” said Harris Blackwood, director of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. “Because so many people are going to be traveling leading up to Labor Day weekend, we want to make sure that drunk drivers don’t turn someone’s summer of fun into of summer of tragedy.”

And no matter what side of the state line impaired drivers are caught, the same rules apply. That’s because .08 is the legal BAC limit in all 50 states. Drivers aren’t be able to claim ignorance of the law as a visitor to Georgia because the limit is the same no matter where you’re from. If you’re over the limit, you’ll be under arrest.

“It is far too easy to arrange for a sober driver and far too irresponsible not to,” said Director Blackwood. “This increased police presence for the holiday will remind everyone that Georgia has a zero tolerance policy for drunk driving. You won’t get a warning. You will be arrested and you will go to jail.”

Law enforcement sends a message to every corner of the state that impaired driving will not be tolerated.