GA Racing Tags


GA race tags on sale now!

Here’s a reminder about a unique birthday gift idea that Georgia race fans can give themselves at tag renewal time this year. It’s the official Georgia NASCAR© license plate  A great way to designate this year as your personal championship season. Since 2006, drivers here have been showing their support for Georgia’s favorite motor sport with this colorful specialty license tag. What’s more, while drivers celebrate their NASCAR spirit,they’re also doing their part to support Georgia highway safety. Proceeds from each official NASCAR tag sold go to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety to help save lives on Georgia roadways.

RIDE WITH YOUR FAVORITE DRIVERS WITH NASCAR TAGS! Georgia’s Department of Revenue now offers a full line of 25 different NASCAR-themed license tags for dedicated race fans. There are 24 personalized tags featuring some of your favorite stars of NASCAR. But if you just want to show your support for the stockcar speedway experience, there’s a genuine Georgia NASCAR license tag for that too. Real race fans will want to gear up and accessorize their rides.

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