Safe Communities of GA

Safe Communities: Reducing Traffic Injuries in Georgia

Safe Communities is a model used by communities all across the country to identify and address local injury problems. Safe Communities is founded on the goal of reducing traffic injuries and is dependent upon a diverse group of partners for success. Safe Communities has four defining characteristics: data linkage, expanded partnerships, citizen involvement and comprehensive injury control programs. GOHS is proud to sponsor this worthwhile organization throughout Georgia.

For more information on setting up a Safe Communities chapter in your area, call 404-656-6996.

Data Linkage

Injury and cost data are critical to a Safe Community program, because addressing traffic-related injuries suggests that not only fatalities are reduced but injuries and health costs as well. Health departments, hospitals, emergency medical services providers, businesses and insurance companies become sources for understanding the magnitude and consequences of traffic injuries and monitoring progress in reducing the problem.

Expanded Partnerships

Safe Community programs draw upon new partnerships. The Safe Community Coalition will include traditional traffic safety partners such as law enforcement, local government and schools. Non-traditional partners would include the medical disciplines and others.

Citizen Involvement

Safe Community programs provide opportunities for citizen involvement. Citizens may voice concerns about potential injury problems and request that the Safe Community group help them assess and identify problems.

Comprehensive Injury Control Program

Safe Community programs use an integrated and comprehensive injury control system incorporating prevention, acute care and rehabilitation in addressing community injury problems.

A Look at Georgia Safe Communities

DeKalb Safe Communities

DeKalb Safe Communities has a wide-ranging focus with workgroups addressing pedestrian safety, road redesign, driver behavior and cata collection and analysis. The primary focus of the Safe Communities dealing with pedestrian safety include maintaining a database on all pedestrian-related incidents in the county, holding Walk Your Child to School events and conducting an assessment of issues of pedestrian safety around all area schools and raising awareness of pedestrian safety concerns in the Buford Highway area. In addition, this program provides monthly child passenger safety classes at the Health Department.

Learn more about Dekalb Safe Communities by visiting them ont he web at: