GOHS Director Harris Blackwood


Welcome to our website! We hope this is a place you can readily find the information you need to stay safe on Georgia's roads.

The number one mission of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety is to reduce the incidence of deaths and injuries on Georgia’s roadways. To achieve that goal, we focus a lot on statistics. We spend a lot of time and money on education, making sure Georgia parents know how to safely transport their children and that young adults think of the consequences of drinking and driving and driving while distracted.

It is the charge we have been given by Gov. Nathan Deal and one I take very seriously. I take each loss of life on Georgia’s roads personally. I know that road fatalities cause broken hearts and broken families. I want to fix that.

Dying in a crash on the highway is not just a matter of statistical chance. Often, crashes can be avoided. And even when they happen, lives can be saved by seat belts and other safety restraints. Few states in the country have as many people die on their roadways as Georgia does.

I promise, through education, awareness and enforcement, we will do better as a state.

At your service,

Harris Blackwood