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To make the roads safer and to reduce the incidence of traffic crashes and fatalities, the Georgia Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (TRCC) was reconstituted. The purpose of this meeting was for the top executives of all agencies working in highway safety to set policies and guidelines for the future of the TRCC and Georgia's traffic records system.

This meeting established the executive level of the TRCC and allowed those individuals to select members of all agencies to constitute the operational level of the TRCC, as recommended by NHTSA in the Georgia Traffic Records Assessment. This group discussed and planned to participate in the Integrated Safety Management Process (ISMP) and Safety Conscious Planning (SCP) projects which are currently under development.

One main topic of discussion was the Department of Motor Vehicle Service's (Now DDS) Georgia Electronic Accident Reporting System. This project is crucial to the transmission of traffic records in this state. DMVS is developing a system by which they can receive crash and citation reports electronically, thus making that data more timely and accurate.

Another topic of discussion was the Crash Outcome Data Evaluation System (CODES) project, funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and based at the Department of Human Resources. CODES is a research project based on the linking of databases to analyze traffic crashes and their outcomes. CODES links crash reports, EMS reports and hospital records.

Georgia is on the verge of making great changes to its traffic records system. The future will bring electronic capture and transfer of crash data and produce more accurate data, more timely access to data for all agencies and interested parties, and more analyses of linked datasets. This team is dedicated to making Georgia’s traffic records the best in the country.                 

FFY2016 Georgia Traffic Safety Information Systems Improvement Application

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