Georgia Governor's Challenge




The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety hosts the annual Governor’s Challenge Awards banquet to recognize statewide law enforcement agencies in seven different categories based on department size, as well as in several other specialty categories.

The awards program was designed to highlight outstanding achievements in highway safety enforcement and education. They recognize agencies for the approach and effectiveness of their overall highway safety programs. Agencies are evaluated not just for enforcement initiatives, but for innovative problem-solving in their communities, using public information activities and creating departmental policies that support their traffic enforcement campaign efforts.

For 2016, we are once again partnering with the International Chiefs of Police (IACP) and their National Law Enforcement Challenge (NLEC). One application will enter your agency into both the NLEC and the Georgia Governor’s Challenge. Two chances to win for a single application!

Winners of the NLEC will be recognized at the IACP Conference in San Diego, October 15-18th, while winners of the Governor’s Challenge will be announced at the 2016 banquet on October 5th in Macon.

Click here to see a list of the winners from the 2015 banquet.


(For more information, contact Roger Hayes at or 404-656-6996.)

                  **DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS 11:59PM ON MAY 2, 2016**

This year's application process has been revised. Please read all information below for details.

The NLEC focuses on the traffic safety issues of impaired driving, occupant protection, and speed awareness. Additionally, agencies can select a traffic safety issue that has been identified as a problem in their state or locality. Within each of these four categories, participating agencies are evaluated and awarded points on their approaches to these traffic safety issues based on seven factors: Problem Identification, Policies, Planning, Training, Public Information & Education, Enforcement, and Outcomes.

There will be multiple divisions within the Municipal, Sheriff, and State Police/Highway Patrol categories based on agency size. The number of agency categories will be determined from the spread of agency sizes submitted for those three categories AFTER the application process closes.




Bike/Pedestrian Safety


CMV Safety - State Police

State Police/Highway Patrol

CMV Safety - Municipal/Sheriff


Distracted Driving

International Agencies

Impaired Driving

Military Police

Motorcycle Safety

 Regional Enforcement Efforts

Occupant Protection

 Special Law Enforcement

Speed Awareness




Traffic Incident Management

What are you waiting for? Get started today and showcase all the hard work your agency has done the past year!

How to Apply

The first step is to download and read the How-To-Guide. This guide is designed to assist you in assembling an application for the Challenge. These simple recommendations will make it easier for evaluators to locate the necessary information, thus giving your application an edge that could make a winning difference. The guide is your friend!

Next, download the 2016 NLEC application form below:

NLEC applications are now only received via email. In order to apply, agencies will need to download the NLEC application form, which will require you to answer submission disclosure questions. Please read the How-To Guide before starting your application.

Applications must be submitted to both AND


Agencies should have two attachments for each section in a PDF, Word, or PowerPoint format. Agencies should make sure the attachments contain the qualifying and quantifying information needed to answer the questions in the subsections as specified in the How-To Guide (Problem Identification, Policy, Planning, Training, Public Information & Education, Enforcement, and Outcomes).

The first document should include documentation/information to demonstrate your agency's activities and accomplishments in six sections (Problem Identification, Planning, Training, Public Information & Education, Enforcement, and Outcomes). The second attachment must contain only the Policy section.

Additional attachments can be submitted for any special award considerations for which your agency would like to be considered. Agencies applying for a Special Award should have one attachment for each special award they would like to be considered for (no more than 10 pages). No attachment is needed for the Special Award categories of Occupant Protection, Impaired Driving, or Speed Awareness. If your State/Local Issue is an application for a Special Award, please check the box on the NLEC application form and indicate which Special Award you are applying for. Each attachment should be no more than 10 pages and no larger than 10 MB.

Additional guidelines for the Special Awards can be found in the How-To Guide referenced above.

Agencies can email the NLEC application form and all application attachments, including Special Award considerations, to both AND . Please make sure the subject line indicates your agency name and NLEC submission. You will receive a confirmation email once your application has been received.


How-To Guide

Marketing Flyer

Nine Tips to Jumpstart Your Application

Attachment Template With Model Applications

GOHS Law Enforcement Contact List