Latest Georgia CASI Report (Georgia Crash Analysis Statistics and Information) Released

Motor vehicle travel is the primary means of transportation in the United States and remains
one of the leading causes of death and injury for all ages. Whether you have been a spectator
of an actual crash; known someone involved in a crash; or if you have been involved in a crash
yourself, it is apparent that damage is inevitable when a motor vehicle crash occurs. Damage
can range from property damage to personal injury and/or death. Economic loss, loss of
mobility, loss of a certain standard of living or loss of life can be a direct result of this damage.
In some cases the loss can be recovered but in others nothing can replace the lost felt.

The purpose of this CASI report is to present important, data driven information to the general
public, governing bodies and policy makers. Throughout this document the content will
highlight important information and make it more relevant to the general public. This data is
presented in such a manner that the startling facts are put into perspective. The utilization of
this report will encourage responsible driving practices, and create safer roadways throughout
the communities. With this information it is our hope that individuals and organizations
work to reduce the number of motor vehicle crashes that occur yearly on Georgia roads and

Download the CASI Report 12.2MB
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